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Sep 26 2012

Saminco brings new technology to South Africa


Saminco brings new technology to South Africa with our DC/AC high voltage 75kW shuttle car system.

Saminco brings new technology to South Africa, introducing the DC/AC Shuttle Car system, already a proven success in the United States. This high voltage 75kW is now available for installation in your shuttle cars!

Go from all this, which can take days to assemble, and makes repairs a nightmare...

To this!

Assembly in the drive control box is complete in about 16 hours, start to finish! Maintenance and repairs can be done quickly and efficiently, reducing down time for shuttle cars and improving repair personnel productivity.
Our compact drive system is also cooler to operate compared to competitive AC/AC inverter systems because it has only one heat generating device, a low loss DC/AC inverter. The Saminco system produces 67% less heat in the shuttle car�s drive box, providing greater reliability and more powerful performance.
The Saminco VFD�s are applied to all of the shuttle car�s motors, providing variable speed on the conveyor along with reversible control, smooth acceleration, and torque limit protection. Even the pump control has variable speed capabilities! Electrical braking is smooth and reliable and there is no frame shocking and Intermachine arcing with the DC trailing cable.

Contact Saminco at (239) 561-1561 for more information or visit our booth at the Electra Mining Africa 2010 Show.

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