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Mar 10 2017

Enterprise Africa


Read the March 2017 issue of Enterprise Africa (pages 54-56) for more on Saminco growing in the South African mining market.

“We are an industry leader with some of our products but we are hoping to become the leader across all of our markets, especially conveyor belts”, said Mervin Quirk, Saminco RSA Managing Director. 

Thanks to local representation, Saminco has quickly established itself as an industry leader with many of the products it develops and Quirk is keen to grow the company so that it is recognized as the industry leader across all of the markets it operates in.

- “Saminco Inc. Aiming For Industry Top Spot in SA.” Enterprise Africa, Issue No.56. CMB Multimedia, March 2017. Web March 2017.

Enterprise Africa March 2017 Edition: