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Saminco VFD Closed Loop

Saminco's Variable Frequency Drive, closed-loop propulsion systems for mining vehicles, provides precise position, speed and torque control to allow mining vehicles such as Continuous Miners, Shuttle Cars and Scoops to maintain electrical-powered stand-still on a slope without requiring the use of mechanical brakes.

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Saminco Testing Battery/AC VFD System for Battery Haulers

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Testing will be complete soon on the new Battery/AC Variable Frequency Drive system for Battery Haulers.  Available at 128V or 240V, this system is a retrofit installation sized for existing xp boxes with dual voltage motors (128V or 240V) which will mount within existing framework, using existing gear reducers and planetary wheels.

Current testing confirms tram motors are working smoothly with speed frequency running from 90 Hz to 150 Hz.  The Turbo Torque™ traction drive is delivering superior stall torque and top speeds.  Tramming has stayed strong when moving through wet, mushy or sandy ground, especially when cornering.    The Whisper Pump™ on-demand hydraulic pump drive system has also proven very successful in early tests as it reduces DC current draw on the battery during idle periods and then immediately increases rpm speed with hydraulic pump demand.  This has significantly reduced pump noise during idling, allowing extended exposure time for miners.

The new VFD system will fit in xp boxes with a minimum size of 35.5” (902mm) W x 15.75” (400mm) H x 25” (635mm) D.  The system is sold complete with tram and pump drives, a master control module, dual voltage motors and all accessories.  SWAP team services are available for inspection and installation.  Contact your Saminco salesperson for system specifications and requirements.


Saminco Test Vehicle:  Battery Hauler


Tram motors located in original framework with existing gear reducers and planetary wheels.


Pump motor in original box.


Battery / AC VFD System mounted in original xp box


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Saminco's new 128V Battery DC to AC / VFD Scoop

Saminco's new 128V Battery DC to AC / VFD Scoop has wide range of new features. See the video of the demonstration.

Contact Saminco at (239) 561-1561 or (304) 523-4700 for more information on this and other high power/high performance mining systems.

scoop, battery, AC/DC system, VFDSaminco's new 128V Battery/AC VFD Scoop system delivers the power and flexibility needed to manuever your scoops. It delivers reduced noise levels, powerful tractive efforts, reduced battery energy consumption along with a new "low battery" feature that will allow sufficient power to manuver back to the power center for recharging.

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