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New World Records

15 October 2007

Bonneville Salt Flats

Saminco M1 series of AC Traction Drives are now part of 3 world land speed records for electric vehicles. The Ohio State University Buckeye Bullet 2 and the Ford Fusion 999 both successfully ran over 200MPH during speed week 07 and the world finals. Both of these vehicles are powered by the Saminco M1-500 AC Traction Drive. The same M1-500 drive technology took The Ohio State University Buckeye Bullet to over 321MPH in 2004 


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New Daily Record

08 October 2007

October 5th  New Daily Record


The Saminco DC to AC VFD Shuttle Car System

The Saminco DC to AC VFD Shuttle Car System has set another daily record for coal hauled

23,337 TONS .


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What's going on at Saminco.

03 September 2007

Saminco JD400 debuts in Australia


VES - Vought Engineering Services, Tomago Australia The Saminco JD400 Digital SCR Drive for Shuttle Cars is now in operation in Australia in the new VES Highlander car. Vought Engineering, in conjunction with Highlander Engineering, introduced the exciting new Highlander Car to the Australian mining industry in May this year. Designed with optimal safety, driver comfort and efficiency in mind, the Ergo Pod is a breakthrough in mining machinery technology, Vought says - leading the field in safety while providing revolutionary ergonomic and safety advantages.


  •  Adjustable seat and backrest, armrests, foot controls, display screen and steering wheel as per a motor vehicle. No need to change seats or turn sideways to operate as with many existing shuttle cars.


  • The operator faces the intended direction of travel, and can use a standard steering setup rather than crossing hands when changing seats and changing direction of travel, as is the case with existing car technology.

These features, the company says, offer benefits like:

  • Less chance of damaging the trailing cable or running someone over.
  • The steering system is the same for a right or left hand car this is not the case on existing machinery
  • The operator can wear a seat belt at all times it does not have to be released to change seats.

The company further reports; Another, and perhaps the most outstanding feature of this world first design is its ability to be retrofitted into existing shuttle cars as an add on item, which will further expand the innovative designs potential to revolutionise the shuttle car experience.