CS300/CS305 Specs

CS300/CS305 Conveyor Speed Control Switch

 Saminco Part #: A800305

  • Rugged conveyor speed switch assembly for shuttle cars
  • Configured for symmetrical forward / reverse operation

                - CS-300 with spring return to 0 (off)

                - CS-305 with 6 step retained positioning both directions

  • Mounts inside commonly available explosion-proof housings used for shuttle cars
  • Incorporates improved safety features:

                - Neutral sensing contact

                - Missing ground/common wire protection

  • Gearless construction allows full 0 to 4V output variation for 0 to 90o rotaton in either direction
  • Buffered, low impedance output allows use with many different solid-state controllers
  • DC supply input reverse polarity protected. Misconnection to other terminals will not damage circuit.

Input Supply: 20VDC to 26VDC @ 20mA

Output: 0 to 4VDC for 0 to 900 rotation (both directions) up to 10mA (0V = neutral)

Neutral: N.O. (normally open) and N.C. (normally closed) contacts at 0o position rated 1A @ 30VDC

Foward/Reverse: N.O. contact for reverse; N.O. contact for foward (Each rated 1A @ 30VDC)

Keywords: A800300, A800305