VFD Pump Controls Systems Brochure

VFD Ventilation Control Systems Brochure               

VFD Pump and Ventilation Control Systems

230 to 600VAC - Up to 500HP


Standard Operational Specifications
  • NEMA 1, NEMA 12 and NEMA 3R Enclosures Standard
  • 3 Contactor By-Pass Design to Enclosure Continuous Operation
  • Power Loss Ride-Thru Capability
  • Auto Restart on Fault
  • Automatic Switch to By-Pass on Fault
  • C/B with Thru Door Pad Lockable Mechanism
  • 120VAC Power Supply for Customer Use
  • Fault Contact Outputs
  • Run Contact Outputs
  • Customer Safety Interlock Input
  • Average Payback Period of Less than 1 Year due to Energy Savings
  • System Control Based on Flow or Pressure
  • Elimination of Water Hammer Reducing Stress on Pump, Pipes and Valve Seals
  • Reduced Demand on Power Center/Generator
  • Built in Motor O/L
  • Input/Output Phase Loss Protection
  • Ground Fault Detection
  • Full 1 Year Warranty, Parts and Labor












FL.GA800.01 brochure                                           



Variable AC Drive for Industrial Applications
  • Power Range:
    • Up to 150HP at 240V
    • Up to 600HP at 480V
  • Motors: induction, permanent magnet, reluctance
  • Open and closed loop vector
  • Fast acting control for tripless operation
  • Integrated brake transistor up to 125 HP
  • Control it on your network: Ethernet I/P, ProfiNet, Modbus TCP/IP, and more
  • High resolution display
  • Easy setup and use
  • Connect to your favorite mobile device



 iQpump brochure

iQpump Drive Products

240V - 600V, 3 phase, up to 250HP
  • NEMA 1, NEMA 12 and NEMA 3R Enclosures Standard
  • Standard communications with RS-485/422
  • Pre-programmed application macros
  • Converts single-phase pump motor applications to three phase for better starting torque, improved motor protection and efficiency
  • UL tested and approved for use on single-phase power
  • Drive to drive multiplexing for up to 8 pumps


P1000 brochure

P1000 Industrial Fan and Pump Drive

240V - 600V, up to 1000HP
  • NEMA 1 enclosures standard and more
  • Real time clock
  • Fan and pump application presets
  • Customizable display for engineering units
  • Underload detection
  • Parameter storage and removable terminal board
  • PI process control
  • Power quality friendly
  • Dynamic noise control
  • Multiple networking options available