Q800 Series Brochure (English)

Q800 Series Brochure (Spanish)

Q800 Series Brochure (Chinese)

Q800 Series Digital DC/DC Locomotive Controller



Input Voltage: 128V battery (80 min - 160V max)

300V Trolley (180V min - 360V max)

Output Voltage: 0 to 98% of input voltage

Output Current: Tramming; 350A continuously, 1600A peak for 10 sec. (single motor)

Regen Braking: 350A

Motor HP maximum range: 40HP @ 120VDC single motor - 20HP dual motors; 80HP @ 250VDC single motor - 40HP dual motors

Multi-motor Operation: 2 Q800 units can easily be operated in tandem (2 x 40HP motors @ 250V)

Regenerative Braking: Braking occurs whenever the operator moves his joystick away from center, the greater the movement, the fiercer the braking action.

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