VX2 Brochure


Variable Frequency Drive
(Liquid-Cooled VFD Modules for Mining Applications)
  • Process Automation and Productivity Improvements 
  • Reduced Mechanical Stress on the Motor and Load 
  • Less Demand on Electrical Supply Infrastructure 
  • Energy Savings and Improved Resource Management
Flexible Design Configuration

The Saminco VFD system design allows for maximum flexibility and user safety.

  • Four axis mounting orientation
  • Ease of remote monitoring / control
  • Overvoltage / undervoltage protection
  • PID control, signal follower control
  • Separation of high and low voltage
  • Modular Design
  • Multiple VFD capable via common DC bus
  • Solid state pre-charge circuit
  • Safe design:

                    - Rectifier and VFD modules located in separate high voltage compartment

                    - Control module remote mounted up to 15ft in low voltage compartment

                    - Digital operator / programmer door mountable

  • V/Hz, open loop vector or closed loop vector control
  • All major serial communications supported
  • Quick disconnect I/O terminals
  • O/L, GF and overcurrent protection
  • Torque control, load sharing control
Keywords: VX2, 1000V, VFD