Q800 Series Brochure (English)

  • Input Voltage: 240V battery (180VDC min - 360VDC max)
  • Output Voltage: 0 to 98% of input voltage
  • Output Current:

            - Tramming (single motor):250A continuously,1600A peak for 10 sec

            - Tramming (dual motor): 2x125A cont, 800 A peak for 10 sec

            - Regen Braking: 250A maximum

  • Motor HP maximum range: 80HP @ 240VDC single motor - 40HP dual motors

Q800 Series

240V  Digital  DC/DC  Locomotive  Controller


  • Compact, digital DC/DC tracton drive for man-trips, locomotives and utility vehicles
  • Single motor drive for portal buses, tandem motor drive for locomotives
  • Microprocessor based drive system using the latest NPT (non-punch through) IGBT technology
  • Sensor-less motor speed indication and automatic over-speed protection
  • Compact enclosure houses all power control devices, capacitor bank, and soft start devices
  • Torque control mode provides superb traction and acceleration
  • Rugged, short circuit proof power circuit provides excellent long term reliability
  • Comprehensive display housed in XP headlight enclosure
  • Multiple control options: standard analog foot switch, radio remote control,operator station and PLC
  • Regenerative braking provides smooth, powerful, braking down to almost standstill. This feature greatly prolongs life of mechanical brakes.
  • Solid state reversing eliminates directional contactors from the system