AC/DC JD400 SCR System Brochure (English)

AC/DC JD400 SCR System Brochure (Spanish)


JD400 AC / DC Continuous Miner System

 Saminco System Part #: A800822

    System Highlights
  • Microprocessor controlled DC motor drive with advanced diagnostics and programmable features
  • Can be used with the DC series wound motors rated from 240VDC to 550VDC (up to 100HP rating)
  • Regenerative braking capability and solid state reversing included in compact module
  • Input Supply: 240VAC to 550VAC, 3 phase, 50/60Hz*
  • Output Current:  140A continuous (per module) 400A peak for 20 seconds, every 5 minutes
  • Over-current Protection: 250A fast acting fuse in the controller input
  • Regen Current: up to 80% of motor rating or 100A

*Other voltages available. Please contact SAMINCO for details.