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JR1000 VFD System Broshure

 Specifically for Continuous Miners:

  • Runs cool - no water cooling required during extended tramming for place changes
  • Provides greater starting torque than DC drives
  • Infinitely variable speed operation in addition to conventional 3 speed tramming
  • Provides regenerative braking down to stall which can be held indefinitely without inverter or motor overheating.
  • Proximity detection system ready


  JR1000 VFD System

  Advantages of the Saminco family of JR1000 VFD Systems: 

  • Designed for use in cabled shuttle cars, continuous miners, shearers, road headers and feeder breakers, these drives can be custom configured to provide the torque and power requirements of your mining equipment.
  • Voltage ranges of 850V to 1260V available to accommodate US and most international markets.
  • Two sizes of rectifier modules are offered for regenerative braking.
  • Systems can be designed for air or liquid cooled, although best continuous and RMS duty ratings will be achieved with liquid closed loop systems on contact-cooled copper base.
  • Less heat is generated when using higher voltages because lower current is required.
  • Closed loop flux vector and open loop flux vector modes.
  • Analog reference input
  • Enable and direction logic inputs
  • Motor RTD inputs
  • Electronic motor overload protection
  • Maximum output frequency of 150Hz
  •  Adaptive undervoltage and overvoltage control
  • Radio controlled option is available.
  • Communications by copper CANbus is available.