Training Panels Simulate the Field Experience

We provide complete training to operate and maintain our equipment using qualified trainers and state-of-the-art simulators

  • Used to train mine personnel in proper procedures for safe operation of mining equipment
  • Offers ability to repeatedly practice
  • Used to test and diagnose system components
  • Simulates complete power center and shuttle car systems

         Power Center Simulator                  Shuttle Car Simulator


We provide on-site training 

 We provide excellent training programs and highly qualified, updated documents to support each of our products


Mining Industry Standards – MSHA*

*Mine Safety Health Administration

High quality products, superb engineering and documentation, combined with innovative technology has made Saminco a respected and trusted partner of MSHA in the USA.Since 2000, Saminco has received requests from MSHA to train their inspectors in the technical aspects of systems design and function, including ground monitoring.

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