LU300b Brochure

LU300b 12V DC 300W

Saminco Part #: A800966 - Request a Quote

  • Compact, 12V, 300W light supply (25A @ 12V output), fits mounting dimensions of other makes of 100W and 200W light supplies
  • Wide input voltage range: 90VDC to 360VDC. Can be used with positive as well as negative grounded systems
  • Output is fully isolated from input
  • Input is reverse polarity protected
  • Protected against output short circuits
  • Used in battery or trolley operated vehicles such as: scoops, portal buses, locomotives and shuttle cars
  • Approved for use in Pennsylvania mines
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Input Voltage: 90V to 360V

Output: 25A @ 12V (300W)

Efficiency @ 300W: 83% (max. heat loss is 51W)

Thermal Impedance (baseplate to ambient): 0.6oC/W

Operating Temperature Range: -20o (12oF) to 60oC (140oF)

Maximum Heatsink Temperature: 85oC (185oF)


 - Output is short-circuit protected.

 - Input is reverse polarity protected

 - LU300b cuts out if baseplate temperature exceeds 85oC (185oF)

 - LU300b cuts out without damage, if input voltage is sustained at 365V to 400VDC

Series Connection: The LU300b can be connected in series to provide +24V @ 25A or +/- 12V @ 25A.

Mounting: Mount the LU300b on a solid metal frame to help dissipate heat generated at maximum output.